Monday, August 11, 2008

What did you do after your last breakup?

A simple question about a not so simple situation. Tell us in 15 words or less, what you did after your last break-up. If you fancy, tell us which country you are from, how long were you together, and how long ago did you split.

Use prose, use puns, pour your heart out, or write guardedly -but keep your response limited to 15 words or less.

If you do not want your name or blogname to appear, let me know through the comment form.

The comment form on this issue is open till 15 September 2008.

On the 16th, we will simply use a final amalgamation of how we all react to such situations, and perhaps some interesting statistics will graph out.

Looking forward to hearing from the bloggers, the non-bloggers, and the wannabe bloggers.

I've received a few comments which are more than 15 words (some way way way way -whew, more). I've published some initially but will be deleting these in the near future. Please do re-submit within the word limit.

Folks thanks for your comments, just a postscript here.I am currently travelling and dont have much access to internet. Hence you have 2 more days to leave your comments. I will post the results v soon. Best,xx.